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No Extra Credit… How About Credit where Credit is Due - Google Bookmarks

No Extra Credit… How About Credit where Credit is Due - Google Bookmarks
Doctor Buzzard The Psychic News NetworkJoe Nocera in his op-ed piece stressed the issues of quantitative easing, which is simply a mechanism the Fed can use to create inflation so that they will not have to repay the money they have borrowed in today's value but say they depreciate the American peso 50% of its current value, they save the mega banks a ton dough.

In the meantime the already impoverished jobless American Citizen, who through their representatives in Washington DC, voted to bale out these scoundrels who caused the problem in the first place and placed the burden of Fanny and Freddie on the back of unborn generations of Americans. The Fed is directly responsible for the present situation. They create money (hundred of billions in fact trillions) out of thin air and spend it around world with investments in China and pumping up Wall Street but its all hat and no cattle. In this process the dollar has become the world's reserve currency but it remains our problem.
No Extra Credit -
Published: September 19, 2011

What if everything that is happening in Washington right now is just meaningless noise?
What if the Obama jobs plan, the coming deliberations of the supercommittee, the debate over taxing millionaires — what if none of it is likely to make a whit of positive difference for the economy? What if the only thing that matters is something Congress and the president rarely mention, and can do nothing about?

I’ve come to believe this is the case. What is killing the economy is lack of credit. In the aftermath of an asset bubble, invariably the result of too-loose credit, banks don’t just tighten their standards; they practically shut down.
This was true during the Great Depression, and it’s been true during the Great Recession. And until normal credit standards return, economic growth will continue to be stunted. “Overreaction to the credit bubble is now the knee on the throat of the economy,” says my friend Lou Barnes, a mortgage banker at Premier Mortgage Group in Colorado.

Not long ago, Lou sent me a powerful new piece of evidence, a presentation put together by Paul Kasriel, chief economist for Northern Trust. Titled “If Some Dare Call It Treason, Was Milton Friedman a Traitor?” (the title will become clear shortly), it has the force of revelation.

He then documents “a post-WW II record” credit contraction, before moving on to a surprising solution: more quantitative easing from the Federal Reserve, which is essentially the buying of bonds from investors by the Fed, using money it prints, as Kasriel freely admits, “out of thin air.

Hey Joe, can we talk? Did you happen to read Maureen's piece on Jackie, (when we knew her as Kennedy before the O), beautiful. Love the way she describes her voice as breathy, and so it was and that was the way we were. Hard to believe looking back what we have come to. The present situation at hand... One looks and have to wonder if all you editorial op-ed guys are living on a different planet.

Its clear that the big banks and international corporation people have done a fantastic job of squeezing the last cent out of Joe six pack at a cost of near 0% interest all now find themselves sitting on a heap of cash. More money in historical terms than they've even seen since the beginning of time... So I can understand your enthusiasm for a mechanism (Quantitative easing) for your big bank buddies to make even more money. Its the American way NOW days isn't it.

But it has not always been that way has it? Up until fairly recently 1999 when Phil Gramm Jim Leach were finally able to repeal Glass-Steagall Act this landmark legislation from the Great Depression. It served this nation well for nearly 60 years and provided this nation with the highest living standards on the planet.

In comparison the monstrosity of Dodd-Frank in its thousands of pages which few have even read by legislators and even fewer of which have actually been enacted into law, is actually a twisted conundrum of over 200 proposals written by various federal agencies as part of the implementation of the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010. Combine this fact with the dislocation of the dollar from the gold standard back in 1971 under the Nixon Administration (Another Proud Dick Cheney Production). Into the mix add a liberal amount of illicit campaign contributions and salted with Senators looking for seasons from the most corrupt cabinets... Mix in all together with the New World Order... Stage an attack on the World Trade Center disguised by the international banking syndicate to look like an Arab terrorist group... Get a couple of completely useless wars stirred up to keep the war machine well oiled, send thugs out to all the airports to make sure the civilian population is properly supervised and intimidated, while holding every working persons pension and 401k hostage. Suspend constitutional rights under the guise of the ginned up “Patriot Act”.

Well “Tell me it ain't so Joe” but we end up with The End of Sound Money and The Triumph of Crony Capitalism that The Forgotten Cause of Sound Money - Mises Media David Stockman so eloquently describes as TARP-The single greatest economic policy abomination since the 1930s perhaps ever.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sarah Palin Barbie Girl or The Halloween Trick or Treat Vote

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Doctor Buzzard September 2008
This just in as a humble stumble … Looks like John McCain’s choice for VP has garnered a lot of vicious press from his detractors on the left so the right wingers should be fairly happy. “A Barbie Girl” for John McCain by Full Circle’s Sia Vogel.

Update 05/22/2009
Actually shortly after this post (and a few other postings) several sites on the Psychic News Network channels were brutalize and hacked into oblivion by thousands of trackbacks that lead directly to an address outside Washington DC’s Dulles International Airport at the old ATT building where now are housed the new offices of the TSA. After being stopped in the local airport where the TSA confiscated a key-chain from the NRA along with an assortment of NCAA football and American flags that vanished into thin air. After being arrested for terrorist activities (read supporting the Constitution of the United States of America).

The truth will come out Mr. Cheney… I pray it finds some justice for the real terrorist and fear mongers that profit from the blood of American soldiers and the treasure of the American people… May you rot in hell YOU LOUSY BASTARD. (Just a note to be sure and include your old buddy who used to be over at the CIA)
Nasty Letters To Crooked Politicians: Tenet you lousy bastard–give the troops your book blood-royalties

Tenet you lousy bastard–give the troops your book blood-royalties
Ex-CIA director Tenet admits lies told on war

With the publication of his new memoir, At the Center of the Storm, released Monday, and in an appearance on the CBS television new program “60 Minutes” the night before, former CIA director George Tenet has become the latest former official to admit publicly that the Bush administration launched its war against Iraq based upon false pretenses and manipulated intelligence.

Tenet’s CBS interview was a display of moral cowardice and self-righteousness. The former CIA director hailed the day-to-day work of the organization of spies, torturers and assassins that he headed for seven years, passed over the horrific death toll in the Iraq war with mild tut-tutting, and reserved his real passion for complaints about backstabbing against himself by former partners in crime like Vice President Cheney and Condoleezza Rice.

It is insane as we have such people lose and free… People who have lied murdered and tortured… But sure go after Bill Clinton because of moral turpitude. While these s.o.b’s are allowed to murder pillage AND basically screw the entire world. Tap every phone on the planet and congress does nothing.
Impeach Bush, Illegal Wiretaps in violation of FISA law

Why Impeach? | Lies | Uranium/Niger | Torture | Aluminum Tubes | Wiretaps | Subpoenas | Treaties | HJR114 | Talking Points |
Bush Conducted Illegal Wiretaps of American Citizens

Bush has admitted to authorizing the NSA, a secretive spy agency, to conduct warrantless wire taps on American citizens. The spying even extends to postal mail. The NSA has also been collecting phone records in an attempt to build a database of every phone call that is made.

1. 2003 – Mark Klein, a retired AT&T communications technician, submitted an affidavit in support of the Electronic Fronteir Foundation’s FF’s lawsuit against AT&T. He testified that in 2003 he connected a “splitter” that sent a copy of Internet traffic and phone calls to a secure room that was operated by the NSA in the San Francisco office of AT&T. He heard from a co-worker that similar rooms were being constructed in other cities, including Seattle, San Jose, Los Angeles and San Diego. From “Whistle-Blower Outs NSA Spy Room”, Wired News, 4/7/06 [Wired] [EFF Case]
2. 12/15/05 – The New York Times reveals that “Months after the Sept. 11 attacks, President Bush secretly authorized the National Security Agency to eavesdrop on Americans and others inside the United States to search for evidence of terrorist activity without the court-approved warrants ordinarily required for domestic spying, according to government officials.” The Bush wiretaps violated US law because he was required to get approval from FISA. He can start a wiretap of a suspected terrorist at any time but must then seek approval to continue within 72 hours.

Understanding Search and Seizure Law

The Fourth Amendment: Protecting Your Privacy

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution reads as follows:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

This is only the tip of the iceberg the not to mention war profits from Cheney’s personal little piggy bank at Halliburton which clearly was the motivation for these war crimes.
Rachel Maddow Show: Tracing Torture’s Trail | Video Cafe

From The Rachel Maddow Show May 14, 2009. Rachel lays out the time line for how torture was used in the run up to the invasion of Iraq and to justify the invasion after the U.S. had already gone in.

MADDOW: But we begin with a major development in what we know about former Vice President Dick Cheney and his role in authorizing torture. Over the past three months, there has been a steady stream of new information released about the Bush administration‘s torture program. Today, the dots started to connect—all the way up to the office of the former vice president of the United States.

Within three months after the attacks on 9/11, the Bush administration began making the case for invading Iraq, because Iraq, they said, was connected to al Qaeda. Vice President Cheney went on “Meet the Press” and said that Mohammed Atta, the lead 9/11 hijacker, met with Iraqi officials before the attack.


However if you are not sure of the content listed by the Psychic News Network perhaps you might like to get a second opinion so here is a list of some of the top psychic readers and talent listed across the country and around the world.
Google Answers: List of astrologists, clairvoyants and psychics

Famous, well known, and notorious can be subjective, but I have
compiled a list for you. I sought names that appeared to be famous and
well known, using publications and recognition by the media as a
?famous? parameter. You must know there are numerous web sites online,
many who are self-professed psychics, astrologers, clairvoyants, and
scams. This list is comprised of the more visible people I came
across, and alphabetised.

Addey, John
Amdur, Maurice
Arigo, Jos
Barclay, Olivia
Blavatsky, Madame
Brady, Linda
Brown, Darren
Browne, Sylvia
Burk, Kevin
Carter, Charles E. O.
Casey, Caroline
Cayce, Edgar
Crawford, Saffi
Croiset, Gerard
Crowley, Aleister
Dalton, Linda
Derriviere, Rosa
Dixon, Jean
Dobin, Joel
Dreyer, Ronnie Gale
DuBois, Allison
Duncan Helen
Dunglas, Daniel
Edward, John
Elliot Jean
Elwell, Dennis
Fenton, Sasha
Flint, Leslie
Ford, Arthur
Forrest, Steven
Fry, Colin
Geller, Uri
George, Llewellyn
Goldschneider, Gary
Hale, Lucy
Hand, Robert
Harra, Carmen
Heimoth, Dr Karl-Gunther
Heindel, Max
Holland, John
Holst, Gustav
Icke, David
Jillson, Joyce
Joseph, Tony
Knight, Michelle
Krafft, Karl
Lau, Kwan
Lawman, Ian
Leo, Alan
Lewi, Grant
Martin, Zak
Miller, Susan
Naylor, R. H.
Night, Tara
Omarr, Sydney
Palladino, Eusapia
Petro, Robert
Quigley, Joan
Rawlins, Fred
Rodden, Lois
Rudhyar, Dane
Russell, Grant
Schmitz, 0. A. H.
Schwab, Rose Ann
Sheldrake, Rupert
Spiller, Jan
St. Lifer, Evan
Stallone, Jackie
Stokes Doris
Sullivan, Geraldine
Tierney, Bill
Townley, John
Van Praagh, James
Vega, Phyllis
Virtue, Doreen
Weingarten, Henry
Woolfolk, Linda Martine
Zoller, Robert


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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Psychic Review-- Kavanna: Hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones: Variations

I stumbled across this analysis and found it interesting but it failed to cover some of the more critical aspect which are not adquately covered in the public discourse and so as to leave the picture rather rosy but incomplete.

Kavanna: Hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones: VariationsReports--The specific mechanism that drives topical cyclones with excess heat and moisture is the nighttime temperature difference between the still-warm water and the cooler air.* "Global warming" will raise air temperatures more than it does water temperatures. Hence, the air-water temperature gap narrows, and the cyclone-driving "heat/moisture pump" is weakened. Some consequences of this change are difficult to trace out in full. But the essentials are unequivocal:

Poleward transfer of heat and moisture: reduced
Duration of tropical cyclones: reduced
Intensity of tropical cyclones: reduced
Frequency of cyclonic storms: hard to say, but an educated guess is: reduced
Poleward movement of tropical cyclones: enhanced by stronger Hadley cell and other convective motions
Overall, in a "globally warming" world, expect a (probably) reduced frequency of tropical storms, with each storm being less intense and shorter-lived, and moving more quickly poleward away from the equator.

Further thoughts on tropical cyclones. People living in tropical and subtropical areas obviously have a big stake in this question, and it's been manipulated and misrepresented by "global warming" hysterics eager to chase ambulances. In particular, whenever a major hurricane like Katrina or Rita hits a populated and developed area like the Gulf coast, we can expect more "global warming" hysterics. Little attention is paid to the big fact of hurricane-prone areas, that they're far more populated and developed now than they were 30 or 50 years ago. As a result, they will necessarily suffer more human damage when a large storm lands than they would have back then.

The delicious irony of it all is this: more frequent, more intense, and longer-lasting Atlantic hurricanes are almost certainly an indicator of a summertime atmosphere that is cooling year on year. It's one piece of a growing body of evidence that the Earth's atmosphere, or at least the north Atlantic, has been cooling - in fact, since the late 90s.

Put simply, periods of Atlantic warming (1920s and 30s; late 70s to mid 90s) are periods of reduced hurricane activity. Periods of Atlantic cooling (late 1940s to mid 70s) are periods of increased hurricane activity. The reasons are just those spelled out above. An upcoming summary of the present climate situation will return to this point.
* As summer passes on into fall, the tropical air cools day by day faster than does the water. Recall that water has a much larger heat capacity than does air.

Of course none of this deal with the true nature of the real terror of Global Warming which does not reside in the atmophere but rather in the ocean depths... Look cooling in the Atlantic does not mean Global Warming is not a factor or without consequence... The fact of the matter is the polar caps are dwindling at a rate never calculated or predicted by the models so all this cold water spilling into the Atlantic is sure to have a chilling effect. The major consequence will be found in changes to the dynamics of plate tectonics, which because of heat induction into the oceans according to the most recent evidence gleaned from the fossil records of ancient magma flow from the deep ocean ridges indicate. Once the arctic ocean is free of its ice grip upon the continental plates at the top of the world things really begin to rock and roll... Of course, by the time it becomes evident that this is indeed the case it will already be too late. Maybe Google on something called the Siberian Trapps. Or perhaps visit The Psychic News Network for further links.

The discourse continues so as not to appear argumentative
Binah goes on to say:

In restricting my comments to the north Atlantic, I was just being cautious. There's too much tendency to think that regional or local temperature trends necessarily reflect global trends.

That said, the up and down temperature trends in the north Atlantic are almost certainly connected with regional climate oscillations, the North Atlantic Oscillation and the El Nino Southern Oscillation, and probably have nothing to do with "global warming." See:

The fact that ENSO has been essentially shut off since the late 90s is a sstrong hint for a neutral-to-cooling global temperature trend in the last decade. That fits the surge in hurricanes during that same period.

I must continue to point out that tho a lot of this is not obvious but the way and manner events have started to play out it makes no sense to look at the entire pictue in a regional or local manner when its clear its all connected... And in a very big way. The stakes are far too important and frankly because honest to god I pray that I'm wrong but another 8.4 quake in Indonesia today (10/12/2007) seems to provide certain confirmation that we are witness to a global events that have not visited our planet quite a long time (The time of the Siberian Traps is measured in the millions of years).

However if some might try to avoid the obvious with a befuddlement of the mathematical data... Granted all and all a bit complex but if you ask yourself a very simple question... Can you hold more heat in a mayonnaise jar fill with air or with water... Obviously water is the correct answer... Now the premise our weather is driven by simple atmospherics is just as ludicrous and so because it (El Nino that is) driven in nature by these simple atmospherics because its seasonal is also just as ludicrous. Try for a moment to consider if you have an electron particle stream, from the Sun, that also reacts with the electromagnetic lines of force in a seasonal fashion as you do in fact with the rotation of the earth (if one thinks of the earth as being an electromagnetic dynamo for the electric inductor of solar heat). This would also explain a seasonal shift in El Nino as far back as 1925 (and beyond the time of the industrial age) actually much of this is outside of the simple man made effects of carbon dioxide gases but which the overall build up cannot simply be ignored from the fossil record, as ancient magma flows on the sea bed floor indicate. The point of all this is that we confront a problem of an extinction event... If it sounds hysterical, sorry but the "death knell”of human civilization has that effect... Especially if there is something we can do to stop it. And there is something we can do see Building Carpethia

Monday, July 23, 2007

Ron Paul's Revolution Between South Carolina and Texas

Between South Carolina and Texas Ron Paul has seemed to hit a nerve... Simular to the one that helped to ignite the Civil War. He has demonstrated a very popular appeal and it would be a mistake not to take his candidacy seriously.

Here is a small clip produced at his stump meeting from ground zero.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Bill Maher clip 420 Bees CCD

Lakes vanish and Bees dissappear read more The Psychic News.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Andy Kaufman Spirit Channeling by Psychic Bill Burns

This one weird, very strange, worth watching.


A Small Clip on the New Greenland Ice Island

Survivor Alaska… Great idea! Talk about your real life drama. Maybe they could share a piece of sea ice that has broken off the rapidly diminishing Artic ice shelf and perhaps match wits with a Polar Bear… My money is on the Bear.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Doctor Buzzard's Tasteless Tonic and Medicine Show! Stumbles across some really weird science. Time Machine Under Construction!

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