Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New Call Button #1

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Vote Call Button #2

Doctor Buzzard's Tasteless Tonice and Medicine Show!

I'm amazed how Google's Blogger handles my new button code without much trouble at all. I use Wordpress because it sets nicely on my servers and no one can tamper with or control but Blogger is nice. Sometimes with Wordpress, on a small operation you may need to turn off certain features becase of the security risk but everything is a trade off one feature of another... Nice to have a choice.

But I think the story needs to be with the post so in order to have the cake and eat it as well, ok then here it is...

New Buttonby
Psychic News Network's Lucky7Star

Everyday there is more to keep up with but I think this should be great news for the readers on site. I know there are some who wish to just kickback and let Kasamba and Keen put out the advertising big bucks in exchange they get to share in the crumbs that might be left from the table. But there is another way which is to post and publish your own materials and do it together in such a fashion that you keep your own web page ads and button… Which for lack of a better word maybe we can just call sweat equality. Post feedback is something most of us do anyway. As a group not many in this group are shy about voicing their opinions… So just do what comes naturally all those in need of their own blog outside the control of the “forces that be” I’ll make sure that you get it among with your own Top level domain name and WebPages. As many of you can clearly see the hits have gone up rather dramatically and will continue. Now I’ve gone to some of the chat rooms just to see… Yahoo used to be the place but since they’ve closed the private rooms its nothing but a waste of time, IMHO. Time is better spent., I think in writing and linking blogs to those who are of the blogsphere of shared interest and then configure theme and index to search. This not only builds better community but advice and content apart from the montize mess that is in large part the wasteland of the internet driven by mindless ads and gimmicks to register hits to useless banner farms. I think this is the way to go and the future is yet to be determined.

As for those who are afraid to post and do reading outside the large portals it is understandable because quite frankly, some of my closest and dearest friends think that its quit insane to try and take on a multi-million dollar online banking and loan sharking operation… But when the members clearly see that they are nothing but a big fat tax write off and/or sheep to be fleeced then I confident that this opinion will change. I ‘m sure that as they try to buy up every key astrology portal in sight they will discover that the true power of the internet is not the amount and numbers to control (Let’s face it a domain name is nothing but a number) they can try to control all the numbers in the universe but in the end It’s the content of the numbers is what really count (I am speaking of “US”)… And in the end there are more of us then they are of them:) I know we will win end… It is not only written in the stars but upon all hearts who love freedom and detest and despise tyranny.


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