Monday, July 31, 2006

Mindshock - Feral Children

This is the shocking story of the Dog Child and the sad plight of those who have suffered the consequences of extreme neglect (to the extent of being raise by animals). The toxic results from mild retarded development to full blown psychotic behavior… Sort of gives those fortunate enough to have children, even the ones from The Planet Zoldar a reprieve (of sorts) to pause, catch their breath, and count their blessings.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Unexplained World - Energy Circle at Cemetary S

We are constantly surrounded by this unknown and unseen energy… It is indeed an energy that possess some form of it own innate intelligence. For those who are sensitive to its presents… If seeing is believing then watch and judge for yourself.

Psychic Stars Orbs and Projects

Ok here is a new blog freed that I’m just calling Psychic Stars… For listings that might enjoy a little introduction to our little community. Plus it bring to the group and little ambiance of the type of spotlight to interesting work and projects that show some promise.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Pychic Psycho-rama Cosmic Comics Captons
by David Jefferson

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I think every one is going to enjoy the new portal that’s set for DoctorBuzzard’s Psycho-rama. I’ve got content management working so that I can bring on new collaborative efforts onto a new stage of an entirely new grove. I think you will enjoy the protective content features and news forum. I’m introducing a cosmic comic strip and platform for a story board for Psychic Psycho-rama. I’m give you sample here and then there will be features that you can download later. The idea is a kind of construct for the entire psychic community.