Thursday, November 03, 2005

Paypal or not to PayPal

Paypal or not to Paypal
(Keen says NO!)

Okay change is a good thing… I’d like to thank every one for the sympathy cards from friends and family concerning the passing of my father it means a lot.  Now on with the business of life, which I think gives us a good swift kick in the pants should things get too easy.  I think maybe the loss of a beloved father, a hurricane,  and the separation from your primary income to serve as a fine wake up call.  There is no need for any of my friends to get upset with Keen because of this incident it is and remains an excellent site... A marvel of our modern times... A business model that many are sure to emulate.  To be fair they did warn me more than once to remove the “Paypal” from my site but I just don’t think its right.  However I talked with an attorney friend of mine and as wrong as it may seem, it’s not illegal.  Although there are many gray areas yet to be tested... Even their famous "Call button code" has yet to be tested in an American courtroom and I'm assured by those who are in a position to know that it will not stand or pass the mustard for the test of a "proprietary code".  Besides it  should be our own business if we choose to have a “Paypal” or not but more and more America Inc. is finding its way deeper and deeper into our personal lives.  

There was a rather chilling report on "60 Minutes" this past Sunday but it was a great piece on how big brother (America Inc. so to speak) goes after the smokers because they provide an easy target, and I think the  same thing holds true with the psychic readers because we are, for the most part, an easy target.  Still the same could be said  was true with repsects to a little black lady named Rosa Parks, who  had to refuse to give up her seat in order for people to take a stand on doing the right thing.  I think that everyone should have his or her choice of a preferred payment system.  If Keen thinks its important enough to take draconian measures to prevent fair competition I think its even more important that we as significant members of the Internet community whole heartily resist such heavy handed actions with every measure that is legal.

I know some may see the psychic readers as an easy target just a short step away from the witches and the flames that make “Mississippi Burning” look like child’s play and help make horrific events such as the “Holocaust” possible.  I would like to think we have moved away from such extreme prejudices but I know in my heart that human nature has changed little in the past thousand years.  However I believe if we stand together as a community, as an eclectic group of readers, in what amounts to a spiritual industry that produces a significant income and has helped develop the web in an important manner, we might earn enough respect to stand up for our rights which at this point seems to exist someplace between nil and next to nothing.  Please do not be afraid let me know how you feel.  I will not edit comments except those that beep, flash, or contain any mention or make reference to the "V" word:)  


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